A Dedicated Virtual Community for

Coaches, Therapists, and Wellness Practitioners to have a soft space to land, release, recharge, create, grow, share and experience collaboration and tribe, support and empowerment. 


THE COMMUNITY you deserve!

Our Sacred Space is more than just a community; It is a sanctuary, exclusively crafted for coaches, therapists, and wellness practitioners like you. It’s a safe haven where you can land softly, release, recharge, create, grow, share, and experience collaboration, tribe, support, and empowerment that includes in-person experiences and one on one support.  

Our Sacred Space is shared in 3 tiers: 

Community, Sacred Space Plus & Sacared Space Plus Activaton 

to provide an opportunity for you to choose your level of engagment. 

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Our Sacred Space Community

Connection - accountability - Collaboration

Our Sacred Space Community is a dedicated virtual sanctuary that has been created to allow you to take your superhero cape off and softly land in your human being. You’ll be in community with other gifted wellness leaders who are ready to cultivate aligned connections, support in accountability and share in encouragement. 


This experience includes monthly Q&A and discussion sessions with Coach P that provide a private and safe space to discuss your mental and physical wellness, your abundance and money, connections and relationships and products and services. 


You have two opportunities to be replenished, poured into and supported each month. 

•Service Development & Product Creation: Every 3rd Wednesday 7pm est 

•Your Personal Success Session: Every 1st Sunday @ 11am est

Starting August 4th, 2024


This is community experience is for you if what you value right now is a sacred community curated just for wellness leaders that includes personal success support.  Keep reading if you’d like this PLUS more! 🙂

Our Sacred Space Community PLUS

replenish - retreat - renew

Our Sacred Space PLUS is our dedicated virtual sanctuary that we shared with you above PLUS the End of Year Retreat Experience You Deserve. 


Our Sacred Space Retreat is an all inclusive 4 night 5 day experience on December 11th – 15th 2024, designed to be a deep breath and soft space to be renewed, replenished and recharged from supporting your clients and community all year long. You’ll get to connect with your peers in person, experience healing modalities like sound bath, meditation and yoga along with sessions led by Coach P and fellow wellness leaders.


The 2024 Our Sacred Space Retreat will be held December 11th -15th, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina at a beautiful retreat facility.  


This retreat experience includes: 

• Single & Shared Hotel or Retreat Style Accommodations Based On Your Selection

• 4 nights, 5 days retreat at the Beautiful Retreat Center
•Daily Refreshing & Nutritious Plant Based Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
•Powerful Sessions w/ Coach P + Fellow Wellness Leaders
•Dedicated Undivided Time To Yourself to Rest, Recover and Renew
•Meditation, Yoga, Soul Bath Sessions
•Spa Treatments Available (not included)
•Full Access to all of the Retreat Grounds and Facilities, including the Fitness Room, Steam Rooms, and Hiking Trails
•End of Retreat Dance Party!


This Community PLUS Retreat experience is for you if you’d love to end your year nourishing your mind, body and spirit with a mountain top view in celebration of what has been and in preparation for an incredible new year to come! Keep reading if you’d like this PLUS EVEN MORE! 🙂

Our Sacred Space Community PLUS Activation

co-create - complete - expand

Can you imagine you and Coach P working together every month to co-create your personal success, coaching framework, building out your very own retreat to host and creating digital and physical products like an Expert Youtube Series and your very own Mindset cards and Journal?! Well your dream is her command!


Our Sacred Space PLUS Activation includes:  

•Our Sacred Space Dedicated Virtual Sanctuary PLUS 

•Our Sacred Space End of Year Retreat Experience PLUS

•Monthly One on One Co-Creating and Activation Sessions with Coach P that includes unlimited email support throughout the entire journey! 


This Community PLUS Retreat & One on One Co-Creating and Activation with Coach P experience is for you if you’d love to work directly with Coach P to re-energize or create your Coaching Framework, Build Your Own Retreat, Create Your Own Youtube Expert Series or Mindset Cards and journal, THIS IS FOR YOU! Join us by clicking the link below.


Join Our Sacred Space and connect with a community of wellness practicitioners, receive personalized coaching, and unlock your full potential.

  • Connect: Network with like-minded professionals, form valuable connections, and grow your support system.


  • Learn: Gain access to Coach P’s wealth of knowledge and experience, including her personal success strategies and business shortcuts.


  • Thrive: Receive personalized coaching, accountability, and support to help you achieve your goals and take your practice to new heights.


  • Experience: Join exclusive events, retreats, and workshops designed to inspire, empower, and transform.


Our Sacred Space Community
$ 111 A Month

  • Monthly Coaching and Q&A with Coach P, focusing on:

    •Your Personal Success •Service Development •Product Creation

  • Community, Connection & Collaboration

  • Accountability to help you finish what you started!
Our Sacred Space
$ 2,222 One-Time Starting At
  • Our Sacred Space Community + PLUS
  • All Inclusive Retreat Including:
  • Single or Shared Accomadations
  • Daily Nutritious Plant Based Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Powerful Expanding Sessions w/ Coach P + Fellow Wellness Practioners
  • Undivided Time To Yourself to Rest, Recover and Renew
  • Meditation, Yoga, Soul Bath Sessions
  • Spa Experience Available (not included)
  • Full Access to all Retreat Grounds & Facilities, Including Fitness Room, Steam Rooms, and Hiking Trails
  • Connections with Fellow Wellness Leaders
  • End Of Retreat Dance Celebration
Our Sacred Space
PLUS Activation
$ 6,336 One-Time or Flex Option Available
  • Our Sacred Space Community PLUS
  • The All Inclusive OSS December Retreat PLUS
  • Monthly One on One Co-Creating Activation Sessions w/Coach P
  • Co-Creating Activation Sessions Include Creating Your:
  • Coaching Framework
  • Expert Video Series for Youtube
  • Journal Creation & Design
  • Mindset Cards Creation & Design
  • Wellness Presenter Spotlight Session at the Our Sacred Space December Retreat
  • Unlimited Email Access to Recieve Continuial Support from Coach P!

Our Sacred Space

Frequently asked questions

Who is Our Sacred Space for? Our Sacred Space is for therapists, coaches and wellness practitioners. To give example here are a list of wellness coaches, therapist and practitioners that Our Sacred Space is for  Astrologers, Human Design Practitioners, Psychics, Mediums, Energy Specialist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Healers, Reiki Practitioner, Nutritionist or Nutrition Coach, EFT Practitioners, Holistic Mental Health Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Health/Fitness Coach, Pleasure Facilitator, Sex Doula, Life/Personal Coach, Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist, Sound Bowl Healer, Retreat Organizer/Host, Plant Medicine Practitioners, Writers, Writing Coach, Author, Motivational/Transformational Speaker MORE!



When does registration for Our Sacred Space start? Register is open now! Our first group session will start August 4th. Our virtual community will open on July 7th to cultivate connection and engagement. 


Is space limited for Our Sacred Space? YES! Our Sacred Space Retreat is for 15 coaches, therapist and wellness practicitioners.  Our virtual community is open for 25 coaches, therapist and wellness practicitioners.



What if I miss or can’t make a live group coaching session? Every OSS community session is recorded and placed in our learning portal for your replay pleasure. If you ever have to miss a session you can always go back and replay each session. 



Are all of the community coaching calls virtual? YES all of the sessions are 100% virtual and are recorded for your replay pleasure. 



When and where is the Our Sacred Space Retreat? The OSS End of Year Retreat is December 11th – 15th, 2024 in Boone, North Carolina at a beautiful retreat facility. Additional details will be provided once you complete registration. 



What if my plans change and I can’t make the retreat, is there a refund policy? We have a no refund policy. However if for some unforeseen circumstance you’re unable to attend the retreat please let us know as soon as possible so that we can decide on next steps. 



Can I choose my roommate for the retreat or is it pre-assigned? You both get to decide. However if for some reason your roommate can longer attend, one will be assigned to you. 


During the co-creating sessions with Coach P will our work together produce any physical products and is that included in the price? Yes you will have the opportunity to create two physical products: mindset cards and a journal. The cost to create and produce your sample is included in the cost. Additional copies of both mindset cards and journals will be an additional cost. 



If you have any additional questions feel free to email us directly at support@preciousbivings.com