More Tequila, Please!

Life Lessons on heartbreak triumph and making amazing shit happen!

This is the Straight-Shot, No-Chaser, Life-Changing Truth You’ve Been Waiting For! You Deserve More Tequila, Please! You’re ready to stop making excuses, own your shit, and create your best life, right?

You crave whole and extraordinary relationships, the chance to do work you love, and a beautifully satisfying life. You deserve it! It’s time to stop waiting for someone to come and save you. It’s time for you to heal, recover, and have the happiness, purpose, and success you want in your life!

Open Your G.I.F.T.S

Created by actress and comedian Kim Coles, who shares her own personal hardships and survivals, this anthology with 21 other women authors including myself will support you in regaining your spiritual resiliency to design a life of passion.

Surrender, Work, Live!

Be Apart of The Unbecome Movement!